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Our Mission

 We are enchanted by the rich past of this special plant family with prehistoric roots.  For countless generations, there has been an unbreakable bond between Humanity and Cacti. We have searched around the world to find the most potent varieties of succulents that have developed in synchronicity with humanity’s evolution.  At this exciting moment in planetary history we have such a special opportunity to learn from ancient cultures and share in humanity’s timeless love for Cactus.  Galactic Cactus is inspired to carry forth this evolutionary bond in a personally supportive way with our Sacred Space Altars, rare cacti, and custom Meditation Gardens for your home or workspace.

Our Inspiration

Myths and Legends of the powers within the Cactus family abound.  Cacti can be a meditation guide, a protector, and a spiritual ally in appreciating the inherent interconnection with the Universe.   Cacti are renowned as a symbol of Life, mysteriously thriving in areas with inhospitable terrain.  They are also very adaptable to many different bio-regions.  Resilient adaptability is a valuable life skill that Cacti can help us access.   


Air is the breath of Life.  Like all plants, cactus filter and purify the air in whatever environment they inhabit.  Higher levels of Oxygen mean better cognitive function and support for your healthy lifestyle.


New scientific studies are showing that cacti have an ability to harmonize the artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are so prevalent in modern living.  We all rely on the benefits technology provides, however the subtle emissions of Wifi and electricity can disrupt the body’s natural biorhythms and brainwave balance.  Cacti literally have ‘good vibes!’ They mysteriously yet tangibly display an innate ability to resonate in a way that uplifts the energetic field of whatever space they are in.  This balanced energy offered by the presence of Cacti in your home or office translates into a more easeful access to flow states for optimizing productivity, relieving stress, and overall wellbeing.  Don’t take our word for it, put a cactus next to your computer or bed and experience the benefits for yourself.   

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